Appeasement Policy Paves The Way For Hamas Attack – OpEd


Hamas’s attack on Israel is, in fact, an attack by the Iranian regime and the Revolutionary Guards, carried out as a result of the Biden administration’s appeasement policy and European support. The war is for deceiving and misleading the world and public opinion.

The Khamenei regime is too weak since the September 2022 uprising to directly launch a war to disrupt the relationship and proximity between Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries in the Persian Gulf with Israel. Iran has a history of investing in proxy groups and terrorism exports over the past four decades. Therefore, Hamas is merely an excuse and a tool in the hands of Khamenei and his terrorist regime. And this war is only possible with the resources, preparations, information, and logistics of the Revolutionary Guards, with Hamas being only the executor and promoter of the plans and terrorist programs of the Ayatollah regime.

In other words, the documentary film “Hell in Gaza” has a script and director in Khamenei and the terrorist Quds Force, and Hamas is the actor in this film. While this war has entered the fourth week, and appears set to become a long war with the potential scope of spreading to the entire region, Khamenei is trying to play the role of a mediator and exonerate himself by taking advantage of the killing of innocent people of Gaza as well as Israeli citizens! But the undeniable evidence shows that the instigator of this war is the Iranian regime and Khamenei himself and the Revolutionary Guards.

The Wall Street Journal reported that about 500 paramilitary fighters from Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in Palestine underwent specialized training in Iran a few weeks before the attack on Israel. Their training was carried out by Quds Force officers and Ismail Qaani was also present.

Hezbollah thus far has not gotten involved in the conflict, despite Hamas’s expectations and requests, which is the order of the Iranian regime, as it fears the consequences and does not want to get involved in the fire of this war. However, Hamas believes that being left alone while under heavy Israeli bombardment is a betrayal.

Ahmad Abdulhadi, Hamas representative in Lebanon, revealed that Hezbollah is actively co-ordinating with Iran. In response to a question from Newsweek Magazine, he said, “Before, during and after this battle, we co-ordinated at the highest levels with Hezbollah and Iran, but apparently we have been exposed to open betrayal and false promises from Iran…”

It seems that the Arabs now understand that the Iranian regime, under the guise of advancing its own goals and covering up its internal crises, is using the Palestinian issue as an excuse. The main enemy of the Palestinian people, the people of the region, and the main enemy of peace and stability in the Middle East is the Iranian regime.

The US occupation of Iraq, in 2003, and the disarmament of the Iranian opposition movement shifted the regional balance in favor of the Iranian regime. Leveraging diplomatic engagement with Europe and the United States, this regime was able to extend its influence and interventions in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Palestine.

The crisis in Gaza cannot be resolved through bombing and the killing of innocent Palestinian people. The root of extremism, terrorism and warmongering lies in Tehran. To put an end to this crisis, we must cease diplomatic engagement and negotiations with this regime.

The US, with its appeasement policy, paves the way for the Iranian regime terrorism and Europe, with its cowardice and profit-seeking policies, encourages the terrorist policies of the Iranian regime.

Instead of remaining silent about the role of the Iranian regime in this crisis, acknowledging it and labelling the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organisation is an urgent and immediate necessity.

Additionally, the regime’s embassies should be closed, which serve as co-ordination centers for espionage and terrorism, as well as expelling regime agents who have infiltrated many government agencies in the United States and European governments, as well as the media, receiving budgets and salaries for promoting the Iranian regime’s goals.

The right of the Palestinian people to have a recognised country and government must be acknowledged and peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine, led by the Palestinian Liberation Organisation under the leadership of Mr Mahmoud Abbas should be resumed and reach a final conclusion.

Peace, freedom, social justice and respect for human dignity and human rights in the Middle East and the world are the only response to terrorism, hatred, oppression and discrimination under any pretext. The path to achieving this goes through replacing the religious fascism that is ruling Iran.

Fara Mahmoudi

Fara Mahmoudi is an Iranian Kurdish political and human right activist.

4 thoughts on “Appeasement Policy Paves The Way For Hamas Attack – OpEd

  • November 6, 2023 at 8:55 pm

    very well said , nice read.

  • November 6, 2023 at 10:32 pm

    It is true that the “appeasement policy paves the way” for this attack by giving 6 bilion dullars to the regime of Iran our giving money for releasing hostages such as Nazanin ZAghari and employing agents of this regime etc. Shame on this policy and thoese policy makers in US and EU and shame on Arab world goverbment for letting this regime interfering …

  • November 7, 2023 at 9:54 am

    Years ago, the world realized that this regime could not be reformed, nor would it change its behavior. The world must now admit that the Iranian regime cannot be appeased, either. Every concession given to the regime will fuel more wars.” #FreeIran #BlacklistIRGC

  • November 8, 2023 at 1:02 am

    Every little child can understand that this war was plotted by Khamenei in Iran, but Biden is prending not know. He is begging Khamenei not to attack US. What a shameful policy!
    This article is mentioning important view points. I think if there was not any appeasement by Europe and US, the regime of Iran would not be dare to start this catasrophe.


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