Saudi Arabia Says No H1N1 Epidemic


Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health has assured citizens and residents that the H1N1 flu is a seasonal illness and is not one of the new epidemics.

H1N1 flu is one kind of human influenza and has no link to pigs or any other animal, said Faisal Al-Zahrani, the ministry spokesman.

The ministry called on both print and social media to report accurately and get information from reliable sources.

The ministry expressed its readiness to respond to any enquiry as soon as possible in order to maintain health security and prevent panic among the public.

The ministry did say, however, that the H1N1 virus is an infectious illness but that there is a treatment for the infected person and a way to prevent the illness among those who come in contact with the infection.

There is an effective vaccine given annually that prevents occurrence of the illness and minimizes its symptoms, the Ministry said.

The ministry advised citizens and residents to take the H1N1 flu vaccine which is available at government hospitals, medical centers as well as in private sector hospitals.

The ministry is working to vaccinate the largest possible number of citizens and residents, notably those who are vulnerable such as persons with chronic diseases, pregnant women, children (6 months to 5 years), and the elderly.

Flu symptoms vary from one person to another but in general, they include cough, fever, sore throat, headache and fatigue.

Arab News

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