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Iran Opens Factories To Manufacture Shoulder-Fired Missiles, Hybrid Solid Propellant


Iran inaugurated factories on Saturday aimed at producing advanced shoulder-fired missiles and hybrid solid fuel for various missiles used in ground warfare, according to local media reports.

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said the country is able to widen the range and speed of it anti-armor and defense missiles, reported Iran state media Fars News Agency.

“Such air defense shoulder-launched missiles are equal to the most modern ones in the world in terms of technology and tactical capability and are even superior to foreign models in some components,” Hatami was quoted as saying by Fars, adding, “Definitely, these missiles increase Iran’s defense power in asymmetric low-altitude battle.”

The IRGC-linked Tasnim News Agency reported that the new projectiles are “manufactured with sophisticated and modern laser and optical technologies for navigation and control,” adding that the man-portable rocket launchers for air defense purposes can be employed by troops in various tactical conditions.

In comments after inaugurating the missile factory, Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri described it as “one of the most unique plants in the region producing short-range air defense missiles,” according to Tasnim News.

According to Tasnim, the shoulder-fired missiles have a range of around 5 kilometers and capable of hitting different types of approaching and receding targets with different velocities.

Iranian media claims the country is now among the three or four countries in the world with the technical know-how to manufacture shoulder-launched assault weapons, employed for air defense at low and medium altitudes.

At the same time, Iran also opened a hybrid solid propellant factory supplying fuel for ground combat weapons.

Iranian media said it was necessary to extend the range and speed of missiles fired in the ground combats. As such, new solid fuel will boost the power of tactical ground-to-ground, anti-tank and air defense missiles.

One thought on “Iran Opens Factories To Manufacture Shoulder-Fired Missiles, Hybrid Solid Propellant

  • February 7, 2021 at 3:02 pm

    Iran is a warmongering countries that kill his own citizens.

    Iran do not want peace, blessed are the peace maker they are the ones that will benefit from the earth.

    How do you intend to want peace, when everyday you build missiles factory.

    Built supermarket with large amounts of fruits and vegetables to feed your population of
    100 millions.

    Disturbing, every day you wake up, you read about conflict.

    I think that we are all one people, and we should live on this earth as one big families.

    Our focus should be on climate change, how to bottle natural disaster.

    Peace on love toward all mankind.


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