Young Palestinians Act To End Rifts


Young Palestinian activists are joining hands to try tackle four years of rifts among the Palestinian ranks, namely between Fatah and Hamas organizations.

These young grass-root forces, in a statement released on Monday, said popular demonstrations and activities would be organized in various Palestinian regions as of the 15th of this month, in a bid to re-unite the people.

The activists, representing little-known groups that mushroomed via the internet, said they would struggle to attain the national unity because it would be necessary to achieve national independence and establish a state.

Unlike the widely-reverberating logo in the Arab world, “the people want to oust the regime,” the Palestinian activists motto, will be, “the people want to end rifts.”

Reportedly, a joint operation room has been set up in Gaza for organizing the activities of 16 groups of active youth.

Egypt had exerted intensive efforts in a bid to end rifts between the mainstream movements, Hamas and Fatah.

The divisions deepened in 2007, when the Islamic group, Hamas, took over Gaza Strip in bitter fighting with forces of Fatah of President Mahmoud Abbas.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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