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Sri Lanka: Sirisena Instructs Police And Security Forces To Control Underworld Gangs


Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena has given strict instructions to the police and security forces to take effective actions under a joint plan to control the underworld gangs which are raising their heads recently in the country.

Sirisena made these remarks participating in the annual prize giving ceremony of the Sucharitha Dhamma School, Narahenpita.

Sirisena emphasized that he will not allow any criminal to do any kind of harm to the public.

Sirisena also pointed out that the guidance and advice provided by the Dhamma schools are vital to take forward the country in a better and an exemplary way. Sirisena further said that the Buddhist philosophy is the basis to make this country a better one.

Even though many countries in the world achieved the physical development, the spiritual happiness of the people living there is at a very low level and as a result of that at present there is a tendency to practice Buddhist philosophy in these countries too.

“The Buddhist philosophy gives an influential example to promote reconciliation among the nationals,” Sirisena added.

Sirisena presented certificates to the students of the Dhamma School during the event.

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