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Modi’s Attempt To Impress Voters Is Hazardous To Peace Of South Asia – OpEd


Dear Mr. Modi, your election manifesto should be the alleviation of common class. Where, women of more than 50-year-old, are working in fields and making grievances of poor domestic situation and scarce of health facilities from Modi government. Dear, Mr. Modi, your election manifesto should be the protection and advocation of women right, who are facing battering, psychological abuse, martial rape, femicide, sexual violence and harassment, forced marriage, slavery, female genital mutilation in your country.

Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, faces a crucial election in April, and badly wants to flex India’s muscle to impress voters. So, a rhetoric and appeasement from India to their people came on front. On 26th February, Indian officials in Delhi, and Indian media claimed falsely that fighter jets bombed an alleged terrorist training camp in Pakistan overnight, said, in retaliation for a suicide attack that killed some 40 soldiers in Indian-administered Kashmir two weeks ago. They claimed the strike, near the town of Balakot north of Islamabad, the Pakistani capital, destroyed a “massive” facility run by Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM), a jihadist group that took responsibility for the terror attack on February 14th.

According to BBC-Hindi, no causalities and collateral damage occurred unlikely Indian media claimed. Talking with BBC-Hindi, new reporter, an affected man there in Jhaba, Balakot city said, he got injured on his head and legs. Meanwhile, DG ISPR, Asif Ghafoor and PM Imran Khan made an offer to international media to visit, the place and record the reality.

Pakistan warned India at once and issued a warning that it will respond in its own time and own choice of place. On 27th February, Pakistan Air Force retaliated, and one jet was destroyed, and pilot was taken in custody.

After retaliation, PM Imran Khan, again proposes a way of dialogue for the current crisis and tension. During a meeting with, army officials and ministers, Imran Khan argued that, he will talk to American, Russian, and Chinese, Presidents and ministers to look in to the matter. In a morning press conference Vijay Gokhale, India’s foreign secretary, offered indirect reassurance that India does not seek further escalation. But their media think tanks are eliciting an atmosphere of war.

India has violated article 35-A of its constitution. During the July-August 2018, people from entire Srinagar and other towns, were protesting government of India’s violation of Article 35-A of Indian’s constitution. 35-A assure special rights to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Meanwhile, India has violated chapter VII of UN Charter and International law, which strictly prohibits either any threat of armed force by any sovereign political entity (state) or use of armed force by any state acting without the authorization of the UNSC on the foundation of the VII Chapter of the UN Charter. In other words, the use of force, including an armed (military) intervention, is possible only under the umbrella of the UN Charter but after the authorization by the UNSC in accordance to the idea of collective security.

India has initiated troubling peace of south Asia. Pakistan always has been bolstering the way of peaceful talk with India over the issue. Now what matters is the international community, that should play its role. United Nation should take notice and stress on India to end the current tension and crisis. Pakistan and India sandwiched by UN would resolve the issue based on Kashmir people’s choice of freedom so that human violation could be ceased.

*Irfan Khan, is a Islamabad based freelance writer.

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One thought on “Modi’s Attempt To Impress Voters Is Hazardous To Peace Of South Asia – OpEd

  • March 7, 2019 at 11:31 am

    You do not have the guts to tell the Pakistani unelected govt ie the Army, the ISI, the mullahs and the UN proscribed terror groups in Pakistan. It’s easy to bash Modi and India. Kindly rant about Pakistan which is about to be placed from Grey to Black list of the FATF.


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