US Secretary Of State Blinken Arrives In Saudi Arabia


 US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

Blinken’s trip comes as the Kingdom and US seek to broker a durable cease-fire between Sudan’s warring generals in ongoing talks in Jeddah.

Earlier this week, the State Department said Blinken would meet with Saudi officials to “discuss US-Saudi strategic cooperation on regional and global issues and a range of bilateral issues including economic and security cooperation.”

Blinken will participate in a US-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) ministerial meeting to discuss growing cooperation with Gulf partners and how they can promote security, stability, de-escalation, regional integration, and economic opportunities across the Middle East, spokesman Matt Miller said.

Blinken and Saudi foreign minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan will co-host a ministerial meeting of the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh “to address the continuing threat of (Daesh) and reaffirm our commitment to ensure its enduring defeat,” he added.

His trip also comes as the US State Department affirmed on Tuesday Washington’s commitment to strengthening its security partnership with Saudi Arabia, including defense sales, joint exercises and combating missile proliferation.

It added that cooperation with Saudi Arabia in order to ensure regional stability remained one of the “pillars of our bilateral relationship,” which was based on “common interest in the security of the Gulf region and preventing any foreign or regional power from threatening the region.”

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One thought on “US Secretary Of State Blinken Arrives In Saudi Arabia

  • June 7, 2023 at 2:14 am

    Remember the core humanist ideology of defeating Daesh is knocking down supremacist ideologies which means no “more equal than others” in governance. The KSA is a critically important actor in the region and normalization requires all regional nations to normalize within to normalize with others.


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