Pakistan: Man Claims Had ‘No Choice’ But To Kill Sister For Marrying Christian


A Pakistani man said he had no choice but to kill his teenage sister because she married a Christian man and brought dishonor on their family, reports AP.

Imprisoned in a Lahore jail, Mubeen Rajhu said that his work colleagues bullied him because his sister, Tasleem, was seen with a Christian man who she later secretly married.

“I could not let it go. It was all I could think about. I had to kill her,” Rajhu said. “There was no choice. There was no yelling, no shouting. I just shot her dead.”

Rajhu killed his sister when he shot her in the head with a single bullet in August.

The father of the family has blamed his slain 18-year-old daughter for what occurred.

“My family is destroyed,” Rajhu’s father said. “Everything is destroyed only because of this shameful girl. Even after death I am destroyed because of her.”

The report stated that others in the poor Lahore neighborhood voiced the same opinion and lionized Rajhu.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported that nearly 1,100 women were killed last year by relatives in the name of family honor.

Besides murders there have been numerous incidents where acid was thrown at girls, and girls and women raped, harassed or beaten to allegedly restore the reputation and honor of families.

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