Saudi Arabia, Russia Urge End To Palestinian Suffering


Saudi Arabia’s King Salman on Friday said he and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev “stressed the importance of ending the suffering of the Palestinian people and achieving a just, comprehensive and permanent peace for the Palestinian question.”

During their meeting in Moscow, the monarch added, they agreed that “accomplishing peace and stability in the Gulf and Middle East region, with the crises it is currently witnessing in Yemen and Syria, requires Iran to halt its expansionist policies, commit itself to the principles of good neighborliness, respect international norms and laws, and refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of other nations.”

Saudi Arabia is keen to develop relations with Russia, King Salman said, a sentiment echoed by Medvedev, who expressed the Russian government’s pleasure with the monarch’s visit.

King Salman said his country “is going through a historical and fundamental phase of total development, which has been translated into Vision 2030. We look forward to (Russia’s) participation and its cooperation in implementing the programs of this vision in a way that serves our common interests.”

He added: “The efforts of our countries in the field of oil have borne fruit in reaching an agreement for reducing production and achieving a balance between the interests of consumers and producers. We stress our commitment to the stability of the international oil market.”

Medvedev praised Thursday’s talks between King Salman and Russian President Vladimir Putin on developing bilateral cooperation in all fields.

“I will today give all the necessary directions to the ministers in order to realize the achieved agreements as soon as possible,” said Medvedev, calling Saudi Arabia an important partner in the Middle East.

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