China And France Reaffirm Commitment To Climate Action


China and France on Wednesday reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris Agreement and called for worldwide action on combating climate change and halting the loss of biodiversity.

In a joint statement on biodiversity and climate change issued by the Élysée Palace two days after the USA began the process of its withdrawal from the 2015 accord, French President Emmanuel Macron and Chinese President Xi Jinping said they had reaffirmed their “strong commitment to enhancing international cooperation on climate change to ensure full, effective and UNFCCC guided implementation of the Paris Agreement“, which they see as an “irreversible process and a compass for strong action on the climate”.

France and China are “resolved to make unprecedented efforts to secure the future of future generations, to intensify international efforts to combat climate change and accelerate the transition to green, low-carbon and climate resilient development”, the statement said.

It then lists 19 points of global action, including a call for countries to communicate or update their nationally determined contributions, “up from their current level and reflecting the highest possible level of ambition”.

The statement was issued during Macron’s second state visit to China. During the trip, the two countries signed contracts worth a total of USD15 billion.

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