EU Condemns Attack That Kills Jaafar Mohammed Saad, Governor of Aden, Yemen


Jaafar Mohammed Saad, the Governor of Aden, Yemen, was killed Sunday in an attack on his convoy in the Tawahi district of Aden city.

The spokesperson of the EU’s Office of External Action, in a statement, noted, “This attack is the latest in a series of terrorist acts against local officials, captive military personnel – whether government forces or Houthi militia – and civilians, including worshippers.”

According to the statement, “Such a pattern demonstrates the urgency of putting an end to the current conflict through inclusive negotiations in order to quickly restore state authority and prioritize efforts to decisively tackle the spread of violent extremism and terrorism throughout Yemen.”

The EU renews its call on all parties to engage immediately without preconditions in UN-facilitated talks, the statement ended.

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