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France: Facebook Launches Fake News Filter Ahead Of Presidential Elections


Starting today, Facebook, in conjunction with Google, will be blocking unsavory news from their platforms in France — thanks to the very generous and progressive assistance of 8 liberal news agencies — including the far left Le Monde. Having learned his lesson during the US elections, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to ensure the people of France only get to see the right news and information — generously shielding them from fake news and right wing disinformation campaigns — like global warming is a hoax.

Effective immediately, users will get to mark news articles they deem to be fake. Partners will pass judgment upon them and also get to tag them with an icon — all for the benefit of the 24 million idiot users in France who are, seemingly, unable to decipher the news themselves.

Similar projects are being launched in Germany and the United States — fettering out hoaxes and fake news — with the help of ultra left wing Snopes, ABC News and Associated Press.

It’s ‘their’ platform and can do with it as they like. If you do not like it, don’t use the platform.


MINA is the Macedonian International News Agency

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