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Hostile India In South Asia: Threat For Regional Peace – OpEd


India has been using its old mantra of terrorism to malign Pakistan. The sole aim of this Indian pre-planned mantra is to divert the attention of the world from unjustified human rights situation in Kashmir especially after the abrogation Article 370 and 35A of Indian constitution on August 5, 2019. Since the partition of India and Pakistan, Kashmiris are fighting legal struggle for their “Right of Self Determination” as envisaged by the resolutions of United Nation Security Council (UNSC). Pakistan’s response to Modi’s fascist policies has stunned India, who has no option but to blame Pakistan for all the sins. There is no sane voice in Modi’s New India who can bat for the improvement in the bilateral ties of both countries. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Pakistan has time and again warned the world about despicable Indian false flag operations and allegations. Off late India has blamed Pak for secret tunnels across LoC and working boundary.

India is still stuck at its unwarranted and biased approach towards Pakistan over the issue of terrorism and extremism. The establishment in India is vehemently opposing any positive gesture of Pakistan to enhance their bilateral ties and start of any bilateral comprehensive dialogues. Instead of extending hand of friendship to Pakistan, India is propagating against Pakistan and not missing even a single chance to accomplish its nefarious designs. India government is using hawkish Indian Media to malign Pakistan. Recently, EU Disinfo Lab exposed these Indian nefarious designs against Pakistan. The Reports of Indian disinformation campaign by Brussels based EU Disinformation Lab triggered serious debate political circles of the world. The world is now discussing the claims of Indian government against Pakistan. 

This is one side of the story. Another shocking episode of Indian state-sponsored campaign against Pakistan was revealed when India’s Mumbai Police released WhatsApp conversations between Arnab Goswami, editor of Republic TV, and Pratho Dasgupta – the imprisoned head of Ratings Company Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC). In that WhatsApp leak, Indian investigators found that Goswami had prior knowledge of Balakot Air Strikes against Pakistan in the aftermath of Pulwama attack. During the chat, it was also proved that Modi government used Balakot’s fake operation for political gains and to get more seats in the parliament. These Indian nationalist designs are no more secret. The affiliation of Arnab Goswami with Indian nationalist outfits and government exposed the liaison between media and government. Mr. Goswami has also been spreading Islamophobia and hate about Pakistan.

Pakistan, on the other hand, repeatedly told international community and organizations about the possible India’s anti-Pakistan campaign and false-flag operation. However, it is important to highlight why does India do so time and again. The answer is very simple as India never accepted Pakistan with open heart and don’t want to see the country peaceful and prosperous. Indian nationalist politicians already spoken and showed their Hindutva intentions. They claimed that India is the only country in the region with religious and cultural tendencies. Modi regime has embarked upon spreading hate campaign against Muslims while targeting Pakistan. 

They considered India as the leading player who has important role to play in the global affairs. To accomplish this approach, India thinks that Pakistan is the only hurdle. That’s why the leaders in New Delhi always tried to create troubles for Pakistan. Indian Armed Forces and government posed severe challenges to Pakistan by presenting distorted facts. Despite, Pakistan’s tireless efforts to eradicate terrorism and extremism, India Blames Pakistan for cross border cease fire violations and for facilitating Kashmiri freedom Fighters to enter Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan refutes Indian claims and has also been open to international media for inspections. Time and again International media has been facilitated to visit LOC, interact with citizens and even visit sight of Balakot strike.

Pakistan organized visit of international media to Line of Control and showed Indian brutalities. Indian forces are targeting civilian population across the Line of Control. But, these Indian actions are not out of the blow and can be seen through international and independent media houses.

Similarly, India is not giving access to these media outlets to inspect its side of Line of Control. This is intent is clear indication of human rights violations, which its regime is carrying out by using its armed forces. The most recent example of Indian hostile approach at Line of Control is attack on the vehicle of United Nations observer group. Recently, UN Observers were attacked by Indian Army in blatant violations of International norms.

The warmongering face of Indian government and armed forces is now before the world. Indian government is taking hostile approach not only against Pakistan, but its own people as well. The recent protest by Indian farmers against the anti-agriculture policies of BJP is another demonstration. Instead of talking to the farmers, Indian government officials are threatening farmers. This shows the cruel treatment of any government against its own people. With the approach of Indian nationalist government, the world has seen real face of shining India in her stubborn dealing with poor farmers from Punjab and Haryana who are protesting against Modi’s cruel anti farmer policies. This time around, international leaders and bigwigs are speaking up and condemning Indian government’s approach. The fact here is that India cannot walk away from its fake narrative against Pakistan. It has to be answerable to international community not only Pakistan. The latest fake report on tunnels across working boundary are a ploy to deflect attention away from plethora of internal problems faced by India.

*The author is Pakistan based freelancer and political thinker. 

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