The Story Of Azerbaijan’s 2024 Elections – OpEd


In February 2024, Azerbaijan showcased a spectacular display of democracy to the globe among the cold winter weather. The nation’s election demonstrated the unwavering determination and dedication of its citizens and institutions to democratic principles. It was executed with grace and effectiveness, establishing a new standard for electoral procedures globally. The election showcased the residents’ enthusiasm for participating in government and demonstrated their collective support for justice, freedom, and transparency, as seen by the very high voter participation.

The election triumph was primarily attributed to a deep reverence for basic liberties, which served as the foundation for the whole process. The citizens of Azerbaijan were able to register their ballots without any obstacles. This was made possible by using advanced technology and careful planning by the administration. As a result, every person, regardless of their socioeconomic or geographical status, had the opportunity to have their opinion heard.

The election was further highlighted by the candidates’ ability to easily enter the competition. The obstacles that often hindered the process of becoming a candidate, such as heavy red tape, high expenses, or unclear requirements, were noticeably lacking. This transparency not only increased the level of democracy in the election but also enhanced the political environment with a wide range of viewpoints, concepts, and aspirations for the future of Azerbaijan. The democracy was at its peak, with a competition not just between people but also between several views striving to influence the direction of the country.

The media climate during this democratic event was exceptional, characterized by extraordinary freedom and impartiality. The media, often referred to as the fourth estate of democracy, fulfilled its role by delivering thorough, impartial, and perceptive reporting on the election process. Journalists diligently labored to guarantee that all developments, nuances, and viewpoints were communicated to the residents of Baku and the Caucasus Mountains without any filtering or distortion. The exceptional media environment not only educated and enlightened the voting population but also played a crucial role in protecting the honesty of the democratic process by ensuring that all parties involved were held responsible.

Furthermore, the media coverage was distinguished for its extensive scope and impartiality. The diverse array of newspapers, television channels, radio stations, and internet platforms provided a forum for a broad range of candidates and perspectives, so guaranteeing that the voting population was well educated about their options. The extensive and impartial media coverage had a crucial role in promoting an educated public discussion, allowing voters to make decisions based on thorough information and a wide range of perspectives. The event celebrated the liberty to express oneself, with the media serving not only as a reflection of the election process but also as a guiding light for the voters in navigating the intricacies of democratic decision-making.

The 2024 Azerbaijan election served as a compelling testament to the extent to which democratic principles have been ingrained in the nation’s framework, beyond mere electoral proceedings. The careful and thorough organization, unwavering dedication to basic freedoms, and active involvement of the people highlighted a shared will to foster and safeguard the democratic values.

This election established a new standard, served as a symbol of optimism, and provided a model for other nations seeking to improve their voting systems. The lessons derived from Azerbaijan’s experience are many and numerous, including the value of upholding basic liberties, the significance of an election process that is easily accessible and transparent, the crucial role played by a media environment that is both free and impartial, and, probably most notably, the influence wielded by an actively involved and well-informed public.

Azerbaijan’s progress, fueled by the triumph of its political process, serves as evidence of democracy’s profound ability to bring about positive change. The 2024 election was more than simply a win for the elected candidate or a cause for joy among the voters; it symbolized a resounding success for the fundamental principles of democracy. Azerbaijan’s experience provides valuable motivation and knowledge in the global struggle to establish equitable and unrestricted elections. This serves as a reminder of the lasting influence of democratic ideas and the potential to achieve them through perseverance, commitment, and a profound reverence for the fundamental tenets that form the basis of a really democratic society.

Upon contemplation of this significant occurrence, it is inevitable to have a sense of hopefulness for the future of democracy on a worldwide scale. The triumph of the Azerbaijan election serves as a strong reminder that, even during times of uncertainty and difficulty, the ideals of impartiality, liberty, and inclusiveness may ultimately prevail. This statement urges all nations across the world to reaffirm their dedication to the diligent efforts required for democracy. The goal is to guarantee that every election, regardless of location, is characterized by the same principles of transparency, honesty, and reverence for basic liberties that were exemplified in Azerbaijan’s significant electoral procedure. May Azerbaijan’s exemplary actions in February 2024 serve as a beacon, leading us towards a more democratic, equitable, and morally upright global society as we go ahead.

Dr. Sahibzada Muhammad Usman

Dr. Sahibzada Muhammad Usman is a Research Scholar and Academic; Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Pisa, Italy. Dr. Usman has participated in various national and international conferences and published 30 research articles in international journals.

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