Israel Requests Increase Of USA Security Aid


Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak announced that his country requested a security-related aid from the United States, in order to deal with the fast moving violent events in the Arab World, the Israeli Radio reported on Tuesday.

The radio noted that Barak’s announcement reflects the prevailing state of concern in Israel as a result of the uprisings in many Arab countries.

This Arab turmoil was the main incentive behind the Israeli Prime Minister’s announcement to launch a political initiation with the Palestinians, it added.

The radio quoted Barak as saying that “Israel might request an increase of USD 20 billion of security-related purchases from the US in the upcoming years, in order to help Israel to deal with the accelerated events in the Middle East.”

“Israel does not fear political changes in the region,” Barak pointed out, adding that “his country should prepare its weapons supply in case of any possible threats that might face his country in the future, due to these change.”

Meanwhile, on whether Israel is concerned on the possibility that the Egyptian new ruling regime might call off its Dave Camp agreement with Israel, Barak stressed that “an Egyptian official has already confirmed that the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel is still in effect at this point.”

Barak did not name the Egyptian official, however, he clarified that “pressures from public opinion might affect the new ruling regimes and might force them to change their policies with Israel.”

Yesterday, newly-appointed Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabeel Al-Arabi announced that his country should follow a new political path that would be fitting to the great status of Egypt among world countries.

Al-Arabi said, in a press statement, that “after the January 25th revolution, Egypt has a right to cancel the peace treaty signed in Dave Camp.” Israel expressed its concern and discontent to Al-Arabi’s statements.

And, many spectators believe that the Israeli government should re-consider many of its political and security issues, especially the ones related to the Palestinians.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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