South-East Europe On The Edge Of Civilization: Losing Their Virginity – Essay


The youth of South–East Europe have lost their virginity. How has that happened? Before we try to answer that question, let us develop a proper story as the background and the confirmation of the above mentioned announcement.

Namely, during last decade, almost 300,000 thousand young people from the area of South-East Europe fled towards a “better place for work and life” heading towards the West (Europe) – young people from Croatia (aprox.100,000), Serbia (aprox.100,000) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (aprox.100,000). It increases especially within last couple a years and instead to decreasing, it rapidly goes up and up. Why?

The answer is very simple. It is within the Head office of each political party (left or right, depending on the election year) within those three mentioned countries (There is no difference in Montenegro and/or Macedonia and especially Kosovo, which increases above mentioned number almost up to 500.000). Again, why is that answer is within the above mentioned parties, regardless if they are “national” and/or “international”?

Whoever is on power he does not need smart and intelligent, educated and hard-working people, especially young. Because that one’s asks the questions, want to do changes, and would like to challenge the decisions – young mind is liberal and open-minded (of course, only if they are not educated under the overcoat of the ruling and/or opposition party). Also, on other hand, the ones who stays behind are poor, non-educated, blinded narrow minded controlled nation(s) who, as sheep, are still looking for their Sheppard’s (forgetting that the political leaders know exactly what they are doing – just check up who are the most richest people in the mentioned countries) who will again vote for the bellowed leader(s) while he/she (especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina) love more countries like Croatia, Serbia and/or Turkey than Bosnia and Herzegovina itself.

So, why we have mentioned “virginity” at the beginning?

Because, instead losing their political virginity within the direct contact with own country, they will lose with “eyes wide open”, the real virginity of life in a direct combat within civilized and developed country of the West.

But, in the same time will bring (from Balkan’s) to the cold West the hot and strong genetic material of educated people from this area. Please, just turn around and check among those more than 5 millions who fled the Balkan area because of the wars (1991-1999) how many of them have succeeded and became even an influential people in the countries which accepted them as refugees. Is it because they had weapons and/or knives?


It is because of their knowledge and clear mind for new openings of the possibilities for further development of their being, but also the being of the whole society where they lives now.

So, what will happen with South-East area and their youth? Within the question there are two issued sub-questions:

1. South – East
2. Youth

The answer for the number one is within the sentence of Mrs. Latinka Perović, 82 old former politician, who was Secretary of Communist party of Serbia (within former Yugoslavia, back in 1972 replaced from the position by Tito and local comrades because of “anarchic liberalism”) who stated for the interview to Radio B92 in Belgrade, Serbia, back in 2012: “The nation/people is not eternal, everlasting category”.

What is the answer for number two? I will try to that through a poetic thought:

Thought that is not in consonance with my thought is not a thought because I think so.

Can you guess who are behind those words? Every Serbian, Macedonian, Croatian, Bosnian and Herzegovinian, Montenegrian and/or Kosovarian politician (on power or in opposition) invented that sentence and cursed every young soul from this area of South-East Europe.

So, what is the way out?

Unifying of diversities of the smart – open minded young people from over here. How? Painfully easy it might be done, through the network of knowledge, understanding of differences and improvement of connections – within the area of the same and/or similar languages and culture, for the benefits of all.

Like musketeers – one for all and all for one, but this time musketeers of 21 century who will, after losing virginity, in the same time do their best to become a new Empire which will strike back so hard that bloody “new royalties from Eastern Europe” who promised golden spoons to the people back in 1990, after fall of Socialism (but those “new royalties – tajcoons” really destroyed all the positive thoughts for better future) will become a forgotten past, while on power will come, through the soul of youth: knowledge, understandings and mutual respect – for the benefit of all, regardless if you are Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim or even Atheist and/or Gnostic.


Might be, but what the fuck is the other option?

Prof. Dr. Sabahudin Hadzialic

Prof. Dr. Sabahudin Hadzialic was born in 1960, in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 1964 he lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is a professor (two doctoral degrees), scientist, writer & poet (distinguished artist by state), journalist, and editor. He wrote 26 books (textbooks for the Universities in BiH and abroad, books of poetry, prose, essays as well as) and his art and scientific work is translated in 25 world languages. He published books in BiH, Serbia, France, Switzerland, USA and Italy. He wrote more than 100 scientific papers. He is certified peer-reviewer (his citations appear in books and papers of scientists from all continents) for several European scientific journals. He participates within EU project funds and he is a member of scientific boards of Journals in Poland, India and the USA. He is a member of the Board of directors of IFSPD ( Also, he is a regular columnists & essayist and member of the Editorial board, since 2014, of Eurasia Review, think tank and journal of news & analysis from the USA. Since 2009 he is co-owner and Editor in chief of DIOGEN pro culture - magazine for culture, art, education and science from the USA. He is a member of major associations of writers in BiH, Serbia and Montenegro as well as Foundations (scientific and non-governmental) Associations worldwide. As professor he was/is teaching at the Universities in BiH, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and India. Detailed info:

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