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US Singer Tyrese Dreams Of Visiting The Pyramids


Grammy-nominated US singer Tyrese Gibson has a dream. The 38-year-old star shared a photo of Egypt’s Giza Pyramids on his Facebook page, expressing hopes to visit the place soon.

“The curious little black boy from Watts has always been in love with the pyramids of Egypt. It’s been a lifetime dream to see something that no man or scientist was able to explain. I look forward to meet the people of Egypt and the royal families to learn more about their culture and history,” Gibson wrote.

Interestingly, he hashtagged the photo “#EgyptHereiCome,” “#HoneymoonLevels,” “#LifetimeDinnerDateForTwo,” and “#TheGibson’s.” It appears that Gibson, who married recently, might have selected Egypt as his honeymoon destination.

His fans on social media welcomed Gibson’s wish to visit Egypt. One user wrote: “Tyrese it’s a wonderful place. I visited Egypt back in 2015 — great memories — and to see the pyramids was spectacular.”

Gibson is known for his love for Arab cultures and his frequent visits to the UAE.

American actor Will Smith and his family recently were in Cairo and paid a visit to the iconic Giza Pyramids.

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