Chemical Gas Attacks On Girls’ Schools In Iran, Revenge, And Intimidation – OpEd


In recent days, the Iranian government has conducted chemical attacks on girls’ schools and dormitories of female students, which has aroused the concern of Iranian people and students’ families and international organizations. 

In response to the poisoning of hundreds of female students in Iran, the US government called for an independent investigation by the United Nations. 

The spokesperson of the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre, called the poisoning of schoolgirls in Iran unacceptable and said that an independent and credible investigation should be conducted to hold those responsible accountable. 

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock wrote in a tweet, “The reports of poisoning of schoolgirls in Iran are shocking, and Iranian girls, whether in Tehran or Ardabil, should go to school without fear.”

She stressed that all cases should be dealt with transparently.

In an exclusive report which included eyewitness interviews, Sky News concluded that the widespread process of poisoning female students could not have taken place without the knowledge of “at least part of the Iranian government”. Despite this, government authorities continue to try to cover up the poisonings and deflect blame.

Public opinion in Iran considers the poisoning of female students to be an act of revenge by the regime in retaliation to Iranian women’s role in the nationwide uprisings. The regime’s purpose for these measures is to control the population through fear and violence. However, this is unlikely to be   successful in the long-term as Iran’s population has made clear that it will not settle for anything less than revolution. 

The regime resorts to every lie in its propaganda, including attributing the chemical attacks to the regime’s opposition, but the people of Iran are very familiar with these strategies and are not falling for Tehran’s lies.

Such a wide-ranging crime could not have been done without the order from Khamenei or at least with his knowledge and consent. And if Khamenei and the leaders of the regime say that they are not involved in this crime, they should allow an international fact-finding committee about the poisonings with the presence of opposition representatives (i.e., the MEK) to enter Iran to investigate this case.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the NCRI commented that after 100+ days, Khamenei is looking for someone to blame, but the real perpetrator is none other than himself and the agencies and agents under his command. 

What can be concluded from this serial crime of the government of mullahs against Iranian women in particular and Iranian people in general is that they are facing an existential crisis for which they have no solution except repression and creating terror within society.

The mullahs have attempted to delay their inevitable overthrow by killing innocent civilians, but the latest uprisings demonstrate that the freedom-seeking people will ultimately be victorious. 

Now, with the accelerating economic catastrophe, the international isolation of the regime, and the deep social anger and dissatisfaction, the IRGC and the intelligence and security agencies, have resorted solution in fascist and anti-human measures.

However, the chemical poisoning of students has only reinvigorated protests and demonstrations against the regime. Every desperate act of violence and repression only motivates Iranian society to fight harder in their struggle for freedom and democracy. Clearly, the regime is shooting in the foot out of helplessness and depression!

Fara Mahmoudi is an Iranian Kurdish political and human right activist

2 thoughts on “Chemical Gas Attacks On Girls’ Schools In Iran, Revenge, And Intimidation – OpEd

  • March 8, 2023 at 8:19 pm

    criminal Mullahs in Iran trying hard in order to stay in power even by chemical attacks to our girls students across the country.

  • March 8, 2023 at 8:38 pm

    The chemical attacks on girl schools are desperate and futile reactions of a a regime who since 6 months ago facing mass protests and call for overthrow. It will backfire and soon will be confronted with even more violent protests. Regime is in existential crisis.


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