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Iran’s National Information Network Intact After Cyberattack: Minister


An Iranian minister said the country’s National Information Network and local mobile network operators remained intact during a Friday night cyberattack on organizations across the world that also affected a number of Internet service providers in Iran.


The National Information Network’s core part, run by the Telecommunication Infrastructure Company, a subsidiary of Iran’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, and Iranian mobile network operators have survived intact in the cyberattack on Friday night, Iran’s Minister of Communication and Information Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said in a tweet on Saturday morning.

Expressing satisfaction with the appropriate response from the Iranian companies to the cyberattack, the minister said an official statement on the incident will be released soon.

On Saturday, an Iranian Cyber Police commander said the attack has not led to any data leak or unauthorized access to information inside Iran, but only disconnected or slowed internet services in the country.

Cisco Talos, the cyber-security division of American IT conglomerate Cisco, said Friday that hackers are abusing misconfigured Cisco switches to gain a point of entry into organizations across the world.

Iran launched the first phase of its national data network in August 2016 after a gap of eleven years.


The national network offers a new internet system with higher security which officials say will be up to 60 times faster than the best speeds currently available. It is also designed to be more secure to potential cyberattacks.

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