France’s Embassy In Israel Prepares Secret Plan For Naval Evacuation In Event Of Massive Iranian Missile Counterattack – OpEd


There have been new signs of a possible looming Israeli attack against Iran in recent days.  Walla reports (Hebrew) that the French government has devised contingency plans for a mass evacuation of French citizens living in Israel in the event of war.  They would gather at the Jaffa port and be transferred to French naval vessels stationed off the Israeli coast.  The French embassy presented operational plans to a group of 50 French-Israeli citizens regarding a possible war scenario.  The plans would involve several hundred thousand Israelis with dual nationality.  Among the possibilities it foresees is a massive missile strike on Israel.  In that eventuality, the French navy will offer refuge via its warships which will be standing offshore.

Iran - Israel Relations
Iran – Israel Relations

The participants in the meeting with the ambassador and consuls from Haifa and Jerusalem were asked to take geographical responsibility for the French citizens living in their area.  They were informed of measures the embassy and foreign office would take to keep these individuals informed in the case of an attack.  One of the participants said they were told that the information about the naval evacuation was secret and would be commanded by the French naval attache.

U.S. Marines have arrived in Israel for exercises in southern Israel with their IDF counterparts.  Apparently, the Marines didn’t exactly get the royal treatment.  The food they and the Israelis were served was spoiled and a number contracted diarrhea and nausea.  The IDF commanders refused to allow the victims to get medical treatment.  One hopes that when they’re needed for battle they will have recovered sufficiently to return to the fight.

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