Putin Meets With Abkhazia Leader – Transcript


The Kremlin released Tuesday a transcript of the meeting between Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and the President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadjimba. Putin is visiting Abkhazia, a breakaway region from Georgia, on during the ninth anniversary of the five-day Russia-Georgia war.

Following is the complete transcript as released by the Kremlin.


President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadjimba: Mr Putin, we are all honoured to welcome you again in Abkhazia.

Thanks to the support of the Russian Federation, Abkhazia is making progress in socioeconomic development and infrastructure construction, and resolving defence and security issues. All the issues that you and I discussed at previous meetings are being addressed for the good of our people.

We are gradually implementing the provisions of the 2014 Agreement on Alliance and Strategic Partnership. In particular, the Abkhazian side has ratified the agreement on the joint information and coordination centre of internal affairs agencies. We believe that this body will be among the most important tools in the fight against crime. For Abkhazia it is important that we live in comfortable conditions and that our guests are not deprived of this opportunity.

Our foreign policy departments are working to coordinate foreign policy.

Work is underway on activities of the investment programme; the amount of funds this year will exceed 2.5 billion rubles. All design and estimate documents were drafted, examined and approved. I would like to especially note the issues resolved with the help of the investment agency: the volume of lending amounted to 1.2 billion rubles. This is real support for our medium-sized and large businesses.

Today, an agreement on mandatory health insurance will be signed. This is an important event for the residents of Abkhazia – citizens of the Russian Federation.

I am sure that all the issues that we will discuss today will provide even greater opportunities to develop our country. Both Abkhazia and its people are sincerely grateful to you for all the decisions that are being adopted for the benefit of our relations.

Once again, I would like to note that all the issues that will be addressed today and will be resolved would help strengthen our relations. And of course today’s date, August 8, is a memorable one for the Republic of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

On that day, the Georgian army began a large-scale operation, and the decisive actions taken by the leadership of Russia made it possible to preserve the Republic of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and, of course, provided an opportunity for the further recognition of our small states, for which we are truly grateful to you.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Khadjimba, thank you for the invitation!

As we agreed, this time we are meeting here in Abkhazia, on Abkhazian land. It is a pleasure to visit you again.

You mentioned practically all areas of our cooperation. I would probably only add our joint work on ensuring the republic’s defence capability. The joint force is developing on a very good, solid foundation and we have agreements on future steps.

You have just brought up the information centre. Naturally, this is a very important component because the citizens of Abkhazia and guests, no matter from where they arrive, Russia included, should understand and feel that they are reliably protected. I am hoping this joint work will enhance the security of tourists here.

As for the economic work, you have mentioned all these areas and I do not need to list them. Today we will sign an agreement in the social area, which will allow Abkhazian citizens to use not only our medical insurance system but also and primarily Russian medical institutions.

In general, we have things to discuss but the bottom line is that we have very special relations with Abkhazia. We reliably guarantee its security and independence.

I am sure this will continue. We only have to find optimal ways of developing the economy of Abkhazia, creating new jobs and establishing its own tax base. This is what we will speak about today.

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