Colombia: Santos Rules Out Truce With FARC, Says ‘It Is Not Time’


Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos stated that there will be no cease-fire with the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), despite talks opening between the guerrilla group and government toward a final peace deal, reports Radio Caracol. “Military operations will not cede until the talks don’t bring to an end to the armed conflict”, added Santos.

The talks will open next month in Norway and Cuba. The government negotiating team will be headed by former vice-president Humberto de la Calle, while also the FARC will be represented by top figures of the group.


In specifying that for the moment there will be no truce, Santos yesterday also indicated the latest army “success”, with the killing of José Epidemio Molina, alias Danilo Garcia.

Molina was considered the second in command of the FARC and “responsible for at least 70% of terrorist activities” carried out in Catatumbo, in the Norte de Santander department of northern Colombia.


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