Libya: Eight Names In Prime Minister Election List


Eight candidates were formally proposed by the General National Congress, Libya’s new parliament, for the post of prime minister.

According to the local media, officials indicated that the list will reduce to three candidates to head the government: current deputy premier Mustafa Abushagur, leader of the National Force Alliance, former prime minister Mahmoud Jibril and minister of Electricity Awad Barasi, candidate of the Justice and Reconstruction party of the Muslim Brotherhood.


The other five candidates, who according to observers have little possibility of obtaining a majority in parliament, are Mohammed Berween, Mohammed Al Mufti, Fathi Al Akkari, Abdulhamid Al Nami and Al Mabrouk Al Zway.

Based on a simple count, at least 75 of the 200 parliament members don’t support the three main candidates.

Among the requisites to run is in fact support from at least 15 parliamentarians.

Jibril, Abushagur and Barasi claim to respectively have support from 80, 60 and 50.


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