Iran Calls For Immediate End To US ‘Illegal’ Presence In Syria


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani deplored the Washington government’s negative role in the ongoing crisis in Syria and said the “illegal” military presence of the US will only increase problems of the Arab country in resolving the crisis.

Obviously, we should not expect the US government to play a positive and constructive role in this regard with its illegal presence in Syria and its acts of aggression and occupation as well as its support for the Zionist apartheid regime,” Rouhani said during a trilateral summit with his Russian and Turkish counterparts, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in Tehran on Friday.

“The US’ illegal meddlesome measures in Syria are not consistent with any international regulation and increase the problems that already exist in the country,” he said, adding that such moves by the US only poses a serious challenge to achieving lasting peace in Syria.

The Iranian president further raised six key points about ways to end the crisis in Syria and highlighted the importance of close cooperation between Iran, Russia, and Turkey as a reliable reference point for restoring peace in Syria and for long-term cooperation at the regional and global stages.

Tasnim News Agency

Tasnim News Agency, which claims to be a private news agency in Iran but is reported be close to the IRGC, was launched in 2012. Its purpose is to cover a variety of political, social, economic and international subjects along with other fields.

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