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Biden Vs The White House On $450K For Illegal Immigrants – OpEd


By Caroline Adana*


“Garbage” and “trash” says President Joe Biden about claims he will be giving $450K to illegal immigrant families. The White House nevertheless states that Biden is “perfectly comfortable” with these cash payouts. As the administration and the president seek to correct each other ad nauseam over the potential payments, it begs a serious question: Who is really in charge of the United States?

The issue is a proposed “settlement” to each immigrant who crossed the border illegally and was separated from family members by the Trump administration. The Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services have been considering payments of $450,000 rather than face lawsuits from the American Civil Liberties Union and others.

The Backlash Begins

When news broke that the government was considering paying people compensation for breaking the law, the backlash was swift and damning. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) wrote, “Biden wants to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 for their hardship while breaking our laws. For perspective, if a service member is killed in action, their next of kin get an insurance payment of $400,000. Let that sink in.” Senator Tom Cotton (R- AR) was even more incredulous, tweeting:

“It’s unthinkable to pay a burglar who broke into your home for the ‘psychological trauma’ they endured during the crime. Yet the Biden admin wants to reward migrants who illegally entered our country with up to $450,000 each for just that reason. Insanity.”

Ping-Pong Politics

Biden responded by saying that the government was not considering cash payments to illegal aliens, calling the claims “garbage” and adding, “That’s not gonna happen.” Despite the president’s vehement denials, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre shortly thereafter struck back by saying that Biden “is ‘perfectly comfortable’ with cash payouts to migrant families whose members were detained separately after illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.”


It was just a few short months ago when the American people had the impression that the president was the boss of the White House. And then came Joe Biden to the Oval Office. Far from being the decisive commander-in-chief that campaign strategists and a friendly Fourth Estate portrayed, Biden has left Americans wondering what takes place behind closed doors. The public ping-pong match about the payments has only added to people’s impression that Biden is not in control.


When President Trump gave Biden the nickname “sleepy Joe” in May 2019, many on the left dismissed it as weak and misplaced. However, nearly a year into Biden’s presidency, media outlets worldwide echo the sentiment. Even personnel within his administration appear to concur and have decided that he needs to be managed. He might be trying to rein in his unruly staff, but to the public, the commander-in-sleep increasingly appears as a PINO – President in Name Only.

*About the author: Caroline Adana has traveled extensively in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. This gives her a unique perspective on global political trends relevant to the United States. She holds an M.Sc. in mathematics.

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