Saudi Arabia: 135 Arrested For Terror Links


By MD Al-Sulami

Security forces have arrested 135 people accused of belonging to terrorist organizations in different regions, the Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry has announced.

The majority of the offenders, 109, are Saudis, while the remaining detainees are from different countries including Sudan, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Ethiopia Bahrain, and Iraq.

The security spokesman of the ministry, Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, disclosed to Arab News that in light of repeated attempts by hate groups to undermine the country’s stability, security officials have managed to identify suspicious groups engaged in various forms of terrorism.

Al-Turki said 40 of the detainees had been participating in conflicts abroad, and were directly involved with extremist organizations. These people, the official claimed, also had in their possession a significant amount of weapons, and were receiving training to perform terrorist acts in the country.

Over 50 other offenders were arrested for association with radical groups, funding and recruiting members, disseminating propaganda and harboring wanted individuals and possessing explosives.
Other 17 people were held in connection with riots as well as for shooting at security forces in the town of Awamiya.

Among other charges, they are accused of arms smuggling and plotting to carry out terrorist acts in the Kingdom, said Al-Turki.

The ministry has urged all citizens and residents to remain cautious of attempts by some individuals to breach security and harm the country, and to promptly inform security authorities of any suspicious activity, said Al-Turki.

Reiterating the Kingdom’s determination to crush terror, he said security forces would not tolerate any individual or group who attempts to jeopardize the security of the homeland and its citizens and residents.

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