US And UK Condemn Houthi Attacks On Saudi Capital Riyadh


The US on Tuesday strongly condemned a series of attacks by Yemen’s Houthi militia targeting Saudi Arabia’s capital a day earlier, the State Department said.

The Arab coalition said the Kingdom’s air defenses intercepted and destroyed three ballistic missiles targeting Riyadh on Monday, adding that shrapnel from one of the downed missiles landed in some residential neighborhoods, without causing any damage.

“We strongly condemn yesterday’s attacks by Houthi forces against Saudi Arabia that endangered civilians in and around Riyadh and threatened Aramco facilities with unmanned aerial systems and ballistic missiles,” the State Department said.

Spokesman Ned Price had said the US would condemn the reports of the attacks as they were happening during a press conference once they have been confirmed.

“We have seen a pattern at play where the Houthis have demonstrated through their actions on the ground, including their offensive against Marib, through their continuing attacks against Saudi Arabia, including attacks that have the potential to inflict grievous harm on civilians in Saudi Arabia, that – at the current moment, they are the obstacle to diplomacy,” Price said.

“They are the obstacle to finding a resolution to this conflict, and if it turns out that what we’ve seen, the reports we’ve seen over the past hour or so are another Houthi attack against our Saudi partners, of course we will condemn that in the strongest terms, just as we reiterate our support for the security and the safety of Saudi Arabia,” he added.

The UK embassy in Riyadh also strongly condemned the Houthi attack.

“The Houthis’ attacks endanger innocent civilians, cities, and critical infrastructure (and) through every attack, the Houthis demonstrate that they are not interested in peace,” it said in a statement.

“We reiterate our commitment to the security of Saudi Arabia and stand united with our Saudi partners, it added, calling on the Houthis “to end the violence, allow for the unfettered distribution of humanitarian aid, and engage diplomatically under UN auspices to end this conflict and bring peace to the people of Yemen.”

The UK said it would continue to support Saudi Arabia’s sovereign right to defend itself against such aggression.

“The Houthis have once again targeted Riyadh with ballistic missiles,” said Minister for Middle East and North Africa James Cleverly, adding: “Such attacks must stop, now.”

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