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Security forces Airmen use AFSO21 to stand up security alarm focal point


Members of the 99th Security Forces Squadron alarm shop recently used the Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century process to help design operations for their new customer-based central focal point, with a goal of enhanced customer service.


Using the AFSO21 office’s tools and guidance, Senior Master Sgt. Gabriel Gonzalez, the former 99 SFS team leader, guided his team in reviewing the current security alarm procurement process. By listening to specific customer concerns and frustrations, and with input from all team members, the team developed a new and improved process.

“It was a lot of work, but the sense of accomplishment is great,” Sergeant Gonzalez said at the end of the week-long event. “We were able to clarify areas where we need to provide better information right from the get go.

“We have formed a centralized ‘focal point’ in the alarm shop that every customer can use to start the process for obtaining security alarms for his or her unit,” he explained. “Customer focus is now our driving force.”

For this event, the AFSO21 improvement team included members from the 99th SFS, the 99th Contracting Squadron and the 99th Communications Squadron.

“The base security alarm acquisition process was a perfect example of how a unit can utilize the AFSO21 program,” said Diane Heinzen, the chief of the 99th Air Base Wing AFSO21 office. “Looking at ways things are done, listening to customer concerns with these processes, and then working together as a team to streamline and improve these processes is what drives an AFSO21 event.”


Scott Stewart, from the 99th ABW AFSO21 office clarified the intent of the program.

“We don’t fix people’s problems for them, but we arm people with the proper tools and motivation to fix the problems themselves,” Mr. Stewart explained. “In the end, this allows them to take ownership of the new and improved process with long-lasting results.”

The AFSO21 process can help units that struggle with many issues including having to rework papers or processes many times over, having customers wait for long periods of time or having an increasing workload without an increase in manning.

For more information about the AFSO21 process, contact your organizational level AFSO21 representative.

(Courtesy of the 99th Air Base Wing AFSO21 office)

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