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EU Criticizes Russia Decriminalizing Some Forms Of Domestic Violence


The decision by Russia to decriminalize some forms of domestic violence has drawn sharp criticism from the European Union.

“No country is immune from domestic violence, which claims so many victims worldwide each year. The Russian Federation’s new legislation is, in this regard, a clear step backwards in the country’s commitment to tackling violence against women and children,” said in a statement the spokesperson for the European Union’s External Action office.

The EU spokesperson noted that while most countries in Europe are taking measures to stop domestic violence and violence against women, and to raise awareness of this serious violation of human rights, the signing into law of a bill decriminalizing some forms of domestic violence in the Russian Federation on February 7 goes in the opposite direction.

“This law fails to recognise the very serious and specific nature of violence against women. Legislation that tolerates violence against women and children within the family risks severe consequences both for the victims and for society as a whole,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that European Union will continue to promote the eradication of domestic violence, to protect those who are vulnerable, and to support the victims, both inside and outside of Europe.

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