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US May Attack Iran With New ‘Great Weapon’, Says Pentagon Official


The United States may use a new 13,600-kilogram bunker-buster bomb against Iran, reported on Thursay quoting the U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Herbert Carlisle as saying.

“The massive ordnance penetrator is a great weapon. We are continuing to improve that. It has great capability now and we are continuing to make it better,” Carlisle said on Thursday. “It is part of our arsenal and it will be a potential if we need it in that kind of scenario.”

Speaking at the conference on the U.S. defense programs, Carlisle said that the bomb was “a great weapon,” specially designed to attack countries like Iran which have their nuclear facilities buried underground.

According to Carlisle, the 13,600-kilogram weapon was capable to smash through a 200- feet (65 meters) concrete bunker.

Iran’s ongoing development of its nuclear program has sparked calls for military strikes from the United States and Israel prompting that diplomatic means of solving the nuclear dispute were running out.

In an interview with National Journal, the U.S. Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta said on Thursday that the United States would make more progress than Israel in case of a strike against Iran.

“If they [Israel] decided to do it there’s no question that it would have an impact, but I think it’s also clear that if the United States did it we would have a hell of a bigger impact,” Panetta said.

Western powers and Israel suspect Iran of seeking to build nuclear weapons. Iran denies this, saying its program is of a civilian nature.

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2 thoughts on “US May Attack Iran With New ‘Great Weapon’, Says Pentagon Official

  • March 9, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    I am not surprised to hear someone from the uS brag…after all it is the place they called from rags to rags again after living a bit acting like they were rich holding the imaginary pieces of paper drunken from alchoholic spirits…that they somehow convinced others is worth the trip to mars.
    It’s what Washington does when people or creatures are dieing all around them in large numbers.
    Einststein remarked that we had only 6 years after the bees disappear.That predicted the state of humanity really…when they uS would advantage the price of the cotton swab or Q tip selling stock via Wall Street.The uS has been engaged in war with everyone upon Earth since establishing themselves there in Washington DC…and they call themselves skull and bones but we all know they are actually mentally ill.Everyone have a wonderful day watching them identitfy themselves.

  • March 9, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    Why even put that out there, let knowledge such as this out even if we possess something better. Don’t get that rational.


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