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Will Smith And Family Touring Egypt


American actor Will Smith and his family arrived in Cairo on Sunday and paid a visit to the iconic Giza Pyramids. They were accompanied by renowned archaeologist Zahi Hawass who guided the family on a tour around the Sphinx and inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

Egyptians, meanwhile, are understandably excited. Pictures on local media showed Smith’s fans taking selfies with the actor as he arrived at Cairo’s International Airport.

Hawass, who is a former minister of antiquities, told Ahram Online that Smith and his family enjoyed admiring the sunrise on the plateau, learning about ancient Egyptian civilization and taking photographs before the Sphinx.

Smith and Hawass have been friends since 2006 when they were selected among Time magazine’s top 100 men and women whose power, talent or moral example is transforming the world.

He will also be visiting the national museum in central Cairo, before he embarks on a trip to Luxor and Aswan, to see the relics of Egypt’s ancient past.

“Smith was impressed with the Pharaoh’s legacy, and he stated that he was obsessed with it ever since he was a little kid and always dreamed of being an Egyptologist in order to discover the secrets of the Pharaohs,” Ashraf Mohy El-Den, director-general of the Giza Plateau, said.

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