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Afghanistan: ISAF Prevents Suicide Attack With Capture Of ‘Facilitator’


Afghan and coalition forces confirmed Saturday the capture of a Haqqani network facilitator during a security operation in Sayyid Karam district, Paktiya province Thursday.

The Haqqani facilitator was in the final stages of executing a suicide attack in Gardez, Paktiya under the direction of a senior Haqqani leader.


Security forces captured him along with five suspected Haqqani insurgents at a location in Sayyid Karam, district.

There were no shots fired, and no civilians injured during his apprehension.


An International Security Forces Patrol discovered a weapons cache in Andar district, Ghazni province yesterday.

The cache consisted of four AK-47s, 29 AK-47 magazines, one machine gun, three rocket-propelled grenade rounds, three RPG launchers, 19 grenades, one cell phone, three handheld radios, five batteries, three bags of aluminium nitrate, one improvised explosive device ignition source, nine tactical vests and six motorcycles.

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