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LUKOIL Starts Test Production At Komandirshorskaya Group Oil Fields


LUKOIL said Thursday it has started test production at three oil fields of the Komandirshorskaya Group – Komandirshorskoye, North Komandirshorskoye and West Komandirshorskoye – in the Nenets Autonomous District. The initial recoverable reserves of the three fields are estimated at 11 million tons.


The production commenced at all the three geological structures of the group. Produced oil is transported by a winter road to the Kharyaginsky Central Oil and Gas Gathering Point for further treatment, LUKOIL said.

The Komandirshorskaya Group fields are located within the Layskiy Bar of the Timan-Pechora Oil and Gas Province, Nenets Autonomous District. Oil content of the Komandirshor Group fields was discovered in 1986. The occurrence depth is around 3.6 kilometers, the company said.

The Komandirshorskaya Group infrastructure development project envisages the construction of a gathering system and capacities for oil and gas treatment, including pipelines, control facilities, measuring units, separator units, tanks, a 35 kW overhead power line and a substation to deliver power to the fields’ facilities.

Development of reserves in the Nenets Autonomous District is one of LUKOIL’s strategic priorities. Thus, the company plans to commence development of the neighboring North Mishvanskoye and Simbeyskoye fields in the next few years, LUKOIL said.


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