EU To Consider New Loans For Greece If Asked – Van Rompuy


The president of the European Union Herman Van Rompuy said here Monday that if Greece needs new loans then that will be taken into consideration by the EU.

“If they would need new loans, then that has to be taken into consideration. The question is, which conditions will be set?” he told the Belgian Flemish radio station VRT.

Van Rompuy stressed that the EU will not consider a complete restructuring of Greece’s national debt, and that there is no question of Greece leaving the eurozone.

Van Rompuy was briefly the prime minister of Belgium before being appointed to the EU post in November 2009.

Western media reports over the weekend said finance ministers of big EU countries held a secret meeting in Luxembourg on Friday to discuss among other things the possibility of Greece leaving the eurozone because of its economic crisis.

Athens strongly denied the rumors.

Greece was the first eurozone member to receive a 120 billion euro bailout last year but yet its economic situation continues to deteriorate. Ireland and Portugal have also received bailouts from the EU and the IMF.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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