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EU Interior Ministers Discuss Counter-Terrorism Strategy


European Union interior ministers met in Luxembourg Thursday and among other issues discussed and welcomed the latest discussion paper on the implementation of the EU Counter-terrorism Strategy, presented by the EU Counter-terrorism Coordinator.


The EU Counter-terrorism Strategy analyses the consequences of Osama Bin Laden’s death for the fight against terrorism and the counter-narrative against Al Qaeda’s ideology, the ministers said in a statement tonight.


It also looks at the risks and opportunities deriving from the recent developments in North Africa and the continuous challenges the international community faces in Pakistan.

The meeting also adopted conclusions on enhancing the links between internal and external aspects of counter-terrorism, which call for a closer cooperation and coordination in the field of EU security and strengthening the ties between the common foreign and security policy.

Moreover, the ministers also discussed the Common European Asylum System as well as the EU’s priorities for the fight against organised crime between 2011 and 2013.



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