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Pompeo Says US Trying To Prevent Iran From Selling Oil To Hezbollah


The US is trying to prevent Iran from selling crude oil to Hezbollah, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday.

Pompeo added that the US is working against the “terrorist organization” Hezbollah and is supporting Lebanon to be a country that is not subordinate to Iran. 

Hezbollah, which is supported, armed and funded by Iran, is classified as a terrorist group by the United States and many other countries. 

The group is now a dominant force in Lebanese politics and supports the government of Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

The Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said on Tuesday that his group was in discussion with the government about Iran supplying refined oil products to Lebanon in exchange for Lebanese pounds to ease pressure on the plummeting currency.  The pound has lost 80 percent of its value since October as the country’s economic crisis has escalated.

The secretary of state also urged the UN Security Council to extend an arms embargo on Iran and said the US and partner forces last month seized a vessel carrying arms to the Houthis in Yemen.

“The Security Council must extend the arms embargo on Iran to prevent further conflict in the region,” Pompeo told a State Department news conference.

“No serious person can possibly believe Iran will use any weapon it receives for peaceful ends.”

He added that Iran continues to supply the Houthis with weapons.

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One thought on “Pompeo Says US Trying To Prevent Iran From Selling Oil To Hezbollah

  • July 9, 2020 at 12:50 pm

    I think Iran can sell oil to Lebanon and any other country and this article is baseless. Iran cannot sell to HezbAllah because imports have to go their the government outlets. Iran is selling power and other materials and Pompeo knows. Iran is sending ships to Venezulla and the USA knows.
    Iraq is closer to Lebanon than Iran and has a pipeline to Syria. This pipeline which was closed about forty years ago by the Syrian government when the two countries disagreed about the Syrian Dam that affected Iraq’s share of water and about the Syrian support of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.
    In any event, these countries which are sanctioned by Trump will have to have their trades by barters without the use of the dollar. And these trades can be connected to other countries such as Russia and China.
    As we know currency and trade wars may be followed by military wars. I think these countries are very close and the USA is too far to fight many countries to impose Trump’s sanctions for the Israel National interests. These countries have no choice in that either they die due to shortage of food or the die by going to wars. Those countries will react to what the USA will do.
    Finally, the sanctions used by Obama and Trump will force many country to find alternative reserve currency for the dollar. If this happens, the USA will be affected very badly, which will force the USA to go to many wars to keep the domination of the dollar. The USA cannot do that because the country has not won a war since 1945 with exception of the invasion of Granada.


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