Iran Says Canada Following Israel And Britain Policies


Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast says the Canadian government is following the policies of the Israeli regime and the British government.

He made the remarks in response to the Canadian government’s decision to close its embassy in Tehran earlier in the day.

“The hostile actions of the current racist Canadian government are in fact in line with the policies that are dictated by the Zionist [Israeli regime] and the British government,” Mehmanparast said.


“The closure of the visa section of the Canadian Embassy in Tehran, freezing the bank accounts of Iranian nationals living in Canada, and prohibiting money transfers to Iranian students studying in that country are among the Canadian government’s numerous hostile measures against the Iranian nation and the Iranian community in Canada,” the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman stated.

“The Canadian government’s closure of its embassy in Tehran is considered the continuation of [Prime Minister Stephen] Harper’s anti-Iranian policies and a hasty reaction… to the successful 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran,” Mehmanparast added.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has slammed Canada’s unilateral decision to sever ties with Tehran calling it a “non-professional, unconventional and unjustifiable” move.

In a statement released on Saturday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry has described the decision as “an abuse of international law” saying that Canada is responsible for the safety of the Iranian diplomats.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry added that the government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is known for adopting “extremist and failed policies.”

The statement further said that Canada’s financial support of the extremist and violence-seeking forces in the region as well as the racist Zionist regime of Israel has made it a source of threat to international security and stability.

The ministry added that the extremist regime of Canada has made the “hasty” move to divert the attention of the public opinion from the success of the Islamic Republic of Iran in hosting the 16th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

Iran’s Foreign Ministry emphasized that it will use all possible means to take the necessary measures for the continuation of consular services to the Iranian citizens of Canada in the best possible way.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman has also called on the United Nations to fulfill its obligations towards Palestinians and stop Israel’s “crimes” following the death of six people in the latest Israeli attacks on the blockaded Gaza Strip.

“As the rotating president of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), the Islamic Republic of Iran expects all international institutions affiliated to the United Nations to adhere to their responsibilities towards the Palestinian nation,” Ramin Mehmanparast said.

Iran also expects the UN to condemn Israel’s “criminal and aggressive acts” against the Gaza Strip and adopt the necessary measures to prevent their recurrence, he added.

He emphasized that the Israeli regime is committing such crimes in the besieged Gaza Strip in a bid to escape from domestic woes as well as the loss of its security due to the developments following Islamic Awakening in the region.

The Iranian spokesperson also expressed his sympathy with the Turkish government and nation over an explosion that rocked an ammunition depot in western Turkey.

The Turkish army announced in a statement that at least 25 Turkish troops were killed and four others wounded in the explosion in the city of Afyonkarahisar.

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One thought on “Iran Says Canada Following Israel And Britain Policies

  • September 9, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    I am a CANADIAN CITIZEN who STRONGLY disagrees with this Canadian (diplomatic?) move.

    The present Government of Canada is a gang of toadies to Western “Big Oil” interests; they do not have the interests of Canadians at home or abroad as first priority.

    They bleat about “possibilities of violence” in Iran against Canadians but I am ashamed to admit that violence against Sikhs, Muslims or any other minority is more likely in Canada governed by these bastards, than what they say they fear in Iran.

    As for the Nuclear Bogie Man, the evidence to date supports the esteemed Ayatollah when he reiterates that Iran does not intend to go against Allah and his prophet by producing such monstrous weaponry. Of course Iran, like Canada would be perfectly capable of producing same but like Canada CHOOSES NOT to do so.

    From what I understand Iran has had moderate success in circumventing use of US$ in its esport-import dealings, including oil. If this is allowed to grow and increase others would follow. If/when the OIL TRADE (currently held by military threat) were to go away from the $$ then that currency would be exposed for what it is, “fictitious capital” with no real value. Ergo it would immediately collapse taking the FED, IMF, ECB, and the lackeys in Washington, London, Ottawa and Christian Zionists with it. Obviously lying is one of the lesser evils used to promote the fraud.


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