Iran Insists Territorial Sovereignty In Response To PGCC Statement


The spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Nasser Kanaani, refuted the contents of a recent statement by the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) of Ministers regarding three Iranian islands, describing them as eternal part of country’s territory. 

“The three islands of Abu Musa, Greater Tunb, and Lesser Tunb are an inseparable and eternal part of the soil of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and any reference to them in the recent statement of the PGCC Council of Ministers lacks any political or legal value,” he stated.

Kanaani further emphasized Iran’s stance, saying, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly emphasized its territorial integrity and sovereignty over its islands based on accepted principles and rules of international law.”

Addressing the topic of joint resource utilization in the Persian Gulf, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson noted, “Based on its bilateral negotiations with the Kuwaiti government and its negotiation history, the Islamic Republic of Iran has consistently emphasized friendly and constructive cooperation in the energy sector, including in the Arash field. Undoubtedly, behaviors based on attention to mutual interests and common interests can provide a suitable basis for regional cooperation.”

“Countries in the Persian Gulf region should, based on goodwill and historical rights, utilize the resources and subsoil of the Persian Gulf in the direction of the common interests of the nations,” Kanaani stated.

Regarding allegations concerning Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson underlined that the Islamic Republic of Iran “continues its peaceful nuclear program and cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in accordance with the rights and obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), and it is not influenced by political and propaganda pressures.”

Kanaani concluded his statement by emphasizing the importance of preserving the positive regional atmosphere and enhancing regional cooperation for the benefit of all nations in the region.

He expressed the expectation that neighboring countries would avoid unrealistic claims and work towards promoting and deepening regional relations with a realistic approach.

Tasnim News Agency

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