Egypt: Government To Meet Monday On Bloody Clashes


Egyptian Information Minister Osama Haikal said Sunday Egyptians were in need of unity more than ever as the government would be hold an extraordinary meeting tomorrow morning to discuss clashes in Cairo which left 19 people dead.

Haikal, in a statement to Egyptian TV, called on all media to deal with the clashes that took place in Maspero are with “wisdom” and not to be emotional about them.

He called for opening an investigation into the protests which developed to arson.

Haikal said citizens have the right to protest but without blocking the roads of destroying state properties.

“Everybody should respect the law,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, government spokesman Mohammad Hejazi said the cabinet would be holding an urgent meeting tomorrow morning to discuss the protests which also resulted in injury of some 156 people.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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