Syria: Assad Expects Assassinations, Car Bombs


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is quoted by his recent visitors on Sunday as saying that the “next phase [in Syria] may bring assassinations and planting of [explosive devices in] cars,” Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai reported on Sunday. The Syrian leader, however, said his country will know how to handle these threats and expressed his confidence that Syria can overcome the external and internal crises.

Assad also said he is not worried about the current economic situation. According to him, Syria has common borders with more than one Arab country, and they constitute an outlet for “popular trade exchanges”. He also mentioned the existence of adequate reserves of wheat and other vital commodities. Assad also said the foreign exchange issue is not troubling.

Assad has completely closed the doors for any initiative, even by “our Russian friends.” This is in accordance to the position adopted by the Arab initiative, which “refused to foreign intervention in domestic affairs.”

Assad told his audience that “Syria will return to be the most important Arab state.” He noted that Syria is not indifferent to the positions of Arab countries regarding what is happening in his country, “In Saudi Arabia, there are two approaches, one is more hostile. The relationship with some countries is not too bad while the other nations are preoccupied with their own situation”.

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