Iran: A Third Of Seniors In Tehran Suffering From Malnutrition


Research carried out by the Institute of Nutrition and Food Industry in Tehran showed a third of senior citizens are suffering from malnutrition. According to the state-run Mehr News Agency, a fourth of Iran’s population has reached over 60 years of age, categorizing them as seniors.

The research showed the current food and its quality received by seniors need improvement and in one-third of the cases, the seniors are at risk of malnutrition, and a fourth are at risk of depression.

This is while pensioners in Iran have been gathering in protest for many months. In late 2020 and early 2021, pensioners gathered weekly to express their economic woes and demand higher pensions.  Despite a sharp increase in prices and living costs, the Iranian regime has not raised pensioners’ wages.

In their protests, pensioners laid out tablecloths on the ground in a symbolic measure to imply that they could not afford food and their basic needs. Some of their placards held direct messages to the regime’s Supreme Leader Khamenei, asking him to improve their living conditions.  

In June, 67-year-old Ismail Gerami, pensioner and labor activist was sentenced to prison and lashes for protesting. Ismail was active in protests held by pensions for higher wages in Tehran.

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