Palazzo Gondi Art Show Highlights Work Of Chinese Artist Madame Qiu Zong Kang


The famous Chinese artist Madame Qiu Zong Kang (Xi’An China) showed her art works at Palazzo Gondi in Florence, Italy. The art form combines the traditional Chinese Xia-Shang oracle letters with the twist of vibrant colors.

According to organizers of the event, the exhibition was well perceived by the locals and VIPs of Florence, where this is the first time such a style of art is being introduce.

The communication through the arts between China and Italy has been a old tradition since the Middle Ages, a such event has an important impact on such cultural exchanges, said event co-organiser Dr. Linjie Chou of Xanadu.

The event was hosted by HRH Prince Stefan of Montenegro. The event was attended by many renowned figures in nobilities, arts and politics. Palazzo Gondi is also the place where Leonardo Da Vinci accomplished his famous work of Mona Lisa.

The Chinese government has a strong interest to extend the Silk Road project, which links the ancient route of trade set up by Marco Polo. This event is surely a symbolic start for a long-term cooperation between these two civilizations.

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