‘Silk Road Week’ In Chicago To Offer New Opportunities For Business, Trade Development


The 12th Annual Silk Road Conference is returning to Chicago for its 2016 edition that focuses on new bilateral business, trade, and investment opportunities.

The event, that attracts representatives from both US and foreign governments, business, and academia, will be the highlight of the six-day “Silk Road Week in Illinois” series of events, April 17-22, 2016.

Organized by the Central Asian Productivity Research Center, it is supported by Global Programs, College of Business, Northern Illinois University, and several foreign entities. The CAPRC operates as a “strategic alliance” of professionals who are interested in assisting with economic development in the region.

Founded in 1999, in both Turkey and Azerbaijan, today the group has regional coordinators extending from the
Mediterranean Sea to the China Sea.

The event attracts senior officials from nations located along the Silk Road region and US officials and business executives.

The first Silk Road Conference was supported financially in November 2005 by the Student Council of Northeastern Illinois University, located on Chicago’s Northwest Side. Being a successful event, it has been held at venues both in the US and off shore.

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