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Former Syria VP: Assad Plans To Establish “Coastal State”


The former Syrian vice president Abdel Halim Khaddam has accused President Bashar al-Assad of preparing a “sectarian war” and the establishment of a “coastal state ” if the situation deteriorates and the international pressure grows.


In an interview to Al Arabiya channel to be aired on Tuesday, the exiled Khaddam conveyed: “Assad talked with a friend of him a Lebanese minister and told him he will not make any concessions. If he is forced he will resort to ignite a sectarian war in the country, and will establish a state in the coastal region.”

Khaddam, who lives in the French capital Paris, added that the Syrian president is no longer entitled to rule Syria. According to him, the regime in Damascus takes advantage of the silence by the international community who gives it opportunities for survival. and called servants of the international community, Khaddam urged Western powers to move through the Security Council “to seriously take action to protect the Syrian people, including military action.”

Meanwhile, rights group said 24 people were shot dead by security forces on Monday.

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