Iranian Automaker To Export 2,000 Cars To Russia


Iran Khodro, the largest automobile manufacturer in Iran, has started exporting 2,000 cars to Russia, according to Alexey Dedov, the Russian ambassador in Tehran. 

In an interview with Sputnik, Dedov said that Iran Khodro plans to deliver the 2,000 cars to Russia by the end of March.

According to Dedov, the largest program of Iran Khodro, which includes the delivery of 2,000 cars to Russia by the end of the Iranian calendar year of 1401 (March 20, 2023), is currently underway.

The diplomat added that SAIPA, another Iranian automaker, is also in talks with Russian distributors for the annual export of more than 20,000 cars to their country.

Despite the ongoing talks, Dedov emphasized that the issues related to obtaining certification and establishing a network of dealerships have yet to be resolved, which may change the delivery schedule. He also noted that Russia and Iran are in discussions regarding their joint production of cars and spare parts.

Last December, the Iranian Ambassador to Russia, Kazem Jalali, stated that Tehran was considering collaborative automotive manufacture with Moscow.

According to Autostat data, there were 10,400 Iran Khodro cars in Russia as of July 2022, represented by the Samand model (a Class C sedan) based on the Peugeot 405.

Despite decades of Western sanctions, Iran has managed to create its own automobile industry that meets domestic demand. The government was also compelled to reduce its reliance on foreign car imports after the US reimposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic in 2018.

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