Germany Says Italy Should Solve Refugees Problem By Itself


Germany said Sunday Italy should “solve the refugees problem by itself,” as Rome was demanding distribution of more than 22,000 refugees who arrived in Italian shores in past weeks, on all European countries.

“Italy should solve the refugees problem by itself,” Interior Minister Hans-peter Friedrich was quoted by the Die Welt newspaper as saying from Luxembourg, where he was attending meetings of the EU interior ministers.

Friedrich said he would explain to his EU colleagues that Italy was violating the rules of the Schengen Treaty with regards to receiving of refugees and monitoring internal EU borders.


Meanwhile, local governments in Bavaria and Hessen said they would, in the worst cases, resume the monitoring of Germany’s southern borders, which was annulled by the Schengen Treaty.

More than 22,000 refugees, mostly Tunisians, reached Italy since January.

Influx of refugees to EU countries is a source of concern for the European governments.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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