Bin Laden’s Last Tape Said US Won’t Have Security Till Palestinians Do – OpEd


By Matthew Taylor

Osama Bin Laden reportedly recorded a final, thus-far-censored tape shortly before his death, intended for an American audience. Haaretz reports that an Al-Qaida website has the transcript:

Bin Laden: “America will not be able to dream of security until we live in security in Palestine. It is unfair that you live in peace while our brothers in Gaza live in insecurity.”

Why won’t the U.S. release the audio?

Officials said they  did not want to appear to be helping spread the content of Bin Laden’s speeches….

Peter Beaumont:

The four video clips that were released show a man made mute by the removal of the audio that once accompanied these videos, excised by those now attempting to define and control how he will be remembered…. Osama had been silenced at last.

Does the Obama administration wish the American public to continue to remain totally ignorant of one of the main causes of 9/11: U.S. support for Israel’s project of colonization and ethnic cleansing? Certainly would be not be good for the Israel lobby if Americans knew the truth – about this, or anything else Israel-related.

Speaking of which, if there’s anything that could ever spark an anti-Jewish (anti-Semitic, although I don’t like that term as Arabs are Semites too!) outburst in this country, it would be the truth coming out about the Israel lobby’s pernicious influence and the fact that this has led to the loss of American lives. The Israel lobby has done a ton to endanger the American Jewish position.


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