Spanish Pavilion Awarded Golden Lion At Venice Architecture Biennale


Spain’s acting Minister for Public Works, Ana Pastor, received in the Official College of Architects of Madrid, the Golden Lion award for the Spanish Pavilion at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale awarded on 28 May, by the exhibition’s commissioners, Iñaqui Carnicero and Carlos Quintans.

This is the second time that the Spanish Pavilion has received this prestigious award since its first presence at this event back in 1998, following its award in the year 2000.

This year, out of the 60 pavilions on display, the International Biennale Jury presented Spain with this award for “the best national contribution”, due to “the careful selection of architects whose work shows how commitment and creativity can overcome material and contextual limits”.

Under the title ‘Unfinished’, the exhibition contains close on 80 proposals that show architecture inspired by serenity and common sense. Based on seven photographic series of unfinished architectural works, projects from 55 Spanish architects’ studios are displayed that propose solutions. “We show that buildings can be finished with just a few actions. And that a responsible response is possible”, highlighted Iñaqui Carnicero.

The proposal made by the Spanish Pavilion responds to the declaration of intent of the commissioner assigned for this biennale, the Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, which seeks to show combative and resolute architecture that manages to resolve the challenges facing today’s world.

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