Iran: Army Plans Massive War Game In Southern Waters


The Iranian Army forces are going to stage a large-scale military exercise in the Sea of Oman and parts of the Indian Ocean using a combination of new equipment.

The commander of the joint drill, codenamed Zolfaqar-99, said the main stage of the exercise will begin on Thursday and continue for three days.

The war game would include forces from the Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, and Air Defense, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said, noting that the drill zone covers an area of 2 million square kilometers in eastern parts of the Strait of Hormuz, Makran Coast, Sea of Oman, and northern parts of the Indian Ocean, down to the 10-degrees latitude.

He also noted that a broad range of vessels, submarines, aircraft and new weapons will be utilized in the war game, including ‘Fateh’ homegrown submarine.

The Army forces will practice offense and defense tactics in the drill, the commander said, adding that a long-range drone, called Simorgh, would carry out patrol and reconnaissance operations and engage in combat against hostile vessels by dropping smart bombs with pinpoint accuracy.

He said the purpose of the exercise is to ensure security of regional waters and international shipping routes. “Security in West Asia and its vital and strategic waterways requires indigenization of security with constructive cooperation from all regional countries and prevention of foreign presence in regional waters.”

The war game is also aimed at enhancing Iran’s military preparedness to counter trans-regional threats and exercise plans for a crushing response to any act of aggression, the commander said.

He also warned the enemies that any strategic mistake would make Iran define a theater for reaction that would not be confined to West Asia.

Iran’s Armed Forces hold routine military exercises throughout the year.

Iranian officials have repeatedly underscored that the country will not hesitate to strengthen its military capabilities, including its missile power, which are entirely meant for defense, and that Iran’s defense capabilities will be never subject to negotiations.

Tasnim News Agency

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