Iran And IAEA To Hold Talks In Tehran


The International Atomic Energy Agency has announced that a new round of nuclear talks with Iran will take place next month in Tehran.

On Friday, the spokesman for the IAEA said the delegations from both sides will meet on December 9 in Tehran in order to find a systematic approach to resolve the outstanding issues regarding Iran’s nuclear program, AFP reports.

The IAEA has carried out several rounds of talks with Iran since the beginning of the year, but so far the IAEA says it cannot determine for certain that Iran’s nuclear program has no military dimension.


Iran insists that it is not pursuing the development of any nuclear weapons and all its nuclear activities are for peaceful purposes.

In his most recent statement, IAEA chief Yukiya Amano said Iran is not demonstrating sufficient cooperation with the agency.

The IAEA has called for permission to inspect the Parchin Military Base in Tehran, but the Iranian government insists the base has no connection to its nuclear program and has intimated that attempts to inspect its military bases could be directed at collecting classified intelligence.

Iran has also accused the IAEA of allowing the misuse of information it gathers about Iran through its inspections. A number of Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated in recent years, and Iran has alleged that their identities were revealed through IAEA reports.

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